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I love helping other shepherds gain the confidence they need to care for their flock and run a successful farm business.  

I work with shepherds where they are in their shepherding journey. So whether you need basic sheep care information or need to get a grip on promoting and marketing your farm so that it brings a profit, I have a place for you.

Three ways I can help: 

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I offer a variety of online courses to give shepherds the knowledge and confidence they need to run a profitable farm business. Courses cover topics such as:

  • how to get started raising sheep
  • how to host your own virtual sale
  • how to promote and market their farm

All courses are video supported with worksheets and templates to help you implement what you are learning. 


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I offer mentoring to shepherds regardless of where they are in their shepherding journey. So whether you are new to sheep or have owned them for a long time, my mentoring program provides you with resources and confidence you need to not just raise sheep, but to run a profitable farm business as well.  I support you through:

  • Group coaching
  • One on one sessions
  • Mini courses
  • Ebooks, checklists & calendars
  • LIVE Office Hours via Zoom 
  • Private Discussion Forum 
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Shepherd Mentoring

My Business Track in Shepherd Mentoring is for the shepherd who takes their farm business serious and wants to run a profitable farm. It provides you with the instruction you need to:

  • Get your farm noticed
  • Identify your farm mission
  • Reach your customer base & build relationships with them
  • Stand out through building credibility
  • Finding a niche market
  • Design a logo and website that resonates with your farm image
  • Make a profit
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Shepherds who have worked with me.



I did not know a lot about branding my farm before taking Kim's class. This course provided specific ideas, tasks, worksheets , motivation and direction on exactly how to brand my farm. I learned that implementing all of the concepts discussed in the course can lead to a successful farm business. The information on the website was particularly informative. My website has a lot of beautiful photos but did not give a good idea of who we are and where we are headed. So I found that material especially helpful. Also, the task of writing a mission statement , vision and core values was enormously helpful at the beginning of the course and was well positioned to guide one through the rest of the information. The course was excellent; well thought out and planned.


About a year ago I hired somebody to help me develop a new farm logo ...what was truly lacking in this package was the follow up and the education piece. What really excited me about Kim's package is that she is a farmer teaching another farmer. She is teaching the motions of setting up systems with tools to stay organized and focused...

In supporting Kim, I am supporting a woman in agriculture, a small business owner and a shepherd who is making a living for herself. To me this is important and valuable to contribute to women creating their own business.

Lambing Season Is Upon Us! 

One of the greatest challenges of shepherds during lambing season is understanding what NORMAL labor and delivery look like.

Grab a copy of my ebook,

A Shepherd's Guide To Lambing Season,
so you can approach lambing confidently!

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