Vermont Farm School

A place for shepherds & small family farms to learn and share. 

teaching shepherds

how to run a profitable farm business without a marketing degree

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On Farm Consultation and Online Support

Kim offers instruction and consultation services in: ▶shepherding, ▶fiber processing, ▶fiber art and ▶farm business marketing. You may work with Kim on farm or online.

Shepherd's Mentoring

Shepherd Mentoring provides support, encouragement, guidance and education in gaining knowledge and confidence in raising sheep regardless of where you are in your journey of shepherding. 

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Marketing and Branding Your Farm

Branding Your Farm For Success, is an online course designed to help small farms establish their own unique identity through brand image, develop a strong customer base, and become profitable. 

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One on One 

Do you have a special project related to your farm business that you need help with?  Kim offers one on one consulting to guide you and help you gain the skills and information you need. Whether you have questions about marketing your farm products, fiber art, or raising sheep, Kim would love to work with you. 

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Hi! I'm Kim Goodling.

I am one of those crazy sheep people,
who love teaching others
and sharing my passion of farming. My husband and I have been running a profitable farm business for the past 16 years. 
I have developed Vermont Farm School because: 

  • I want to see small farms thrive.
  • I want to support others in their own passion of raising animals. 
  • I want to impart information about problems and challenges that arise in raising animals.
  • I want to leave farmers feeling confident and empowered to make informed decisions.

 I would love to work with you and support you in your farm journey.

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Profitable Shepherding

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I have always wanted to keep sheep, but know little about shepherding. I met Kim at a fiber festival and my eyes were opened about keeping sheep. I have learned more from Kim's blog than from any book on raising sheep. It has become my daily ritual to read her blog as I am always learning. 

Kim Goodlings 4 Steps to Profitable Shepherding course was very educational. Her knowledge and expertise with sheep and bring successful at it is bar to none.  If you have sheep, know someone who does, are considering getting sheep, than this course is for you!  Kim Goodling is very personable and when you meet her and talk to her you’ll see her passion for ALL THINGS SHEEP, shines through.  

Case and Karen


Case and Karen


Totally enjoyed the 4 steps to profitable shepherding, as a new shepherdess I need all the help possible.  Kim your class was very informative and helpful, it gave me so much to think about and ponder my next steps as I move forward with my small fiber farm.  You gave us great information on how to make our sheep pay for themselves and beyond.  Thanks for giving us the tools to move forward in this sheep adventure!

I did not know a lot about branding my farm before taking Branding Your Farm For Success. This course provided specific ideas, tasks, worksheets , motivation and direction on exactly how to brand my farm. I learned that implementing all of the concepts discussed in the course can lead to a successful farm business. The information on websites was particularly informative. My website has a lot of beautiful photos but did not give a good idea of who we are and where we are headed. So I found that material especially helpful. Also, the task of writing a mission statement , vision and core values was enormously helpful at the beginning of the course and was well positioned to guide one through the rest of the information. The course was excellent; well thought out and planned.

About a year ago I hired somebody to help me develop a new farm logo ...what was truly lacking in this package was the follow up and the education piece. What really excited me about Kim's package is that she is a farmer teaching another farmer. She is teaching the motions of setting up systems with tools to stay organized and focused...

In supporting Kim, I am supporting a woman in agriculture, a small business owner and a shepherd who is making a living for herself. To me this is important and valuable to contribute to women creating their own business.


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