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If you own a farm, then you probably already know 
there are 3 challenges most shepherds struggle with...

  1. being sustainable,
  2. being recognized, among all the gazillion other farms out there, and 
  3. making ends meet.

You also know shepherds

  • nurture others and love to be nurtured
  • persevere through the challenges of owning sheep
  • are capable of wearing many different hats and of learning new skills to get the job done
  • value the importance of having a network of resources
  • value mentors who encourage & teach them along the way.

If you are ready, let me help you take all of your amazing skills and talents,
and take your farm business to the next level.  

 Shepherd to shepherd,
I can help you set into place the
4 steps to profitable shepherding. 

If you are:

then, you are ready to take my 6 week course,
Branding Your Farm for Success!

Are you serious about becoming a profitable farm?

Keep reading  for how I can help you!

Shepherds Who Have Worked with Me

We really enjoyed our time with you and your husband (during a private on-farm workshop). We appreciated you sharing your experience with us, as well as your wisdom about life. So many exciting possibilities to pray and think about for the future of our farm. One of my biggest encouragements was you two are doing it. Like you said, not a staff or large team, but the two of you. That gives me hope that it is possible!


I just want you to know how much you have helped me with answering my questions and the amazing blog posts you write. You can eloquently explain things and they seem to come at the right time.

I wish I had known about this course (Branding Your Farm for Success) before I spent more money to accomplish just what this course is offering. Still I am totally going to do it because I still feel that I have not even scraped off the top of it and if that is going to support you, then I am all in!





About a year ago I hired somebody to help me develop a new farm Logo, provide me with a Branding board and help me set up my farm business on Instagram. I love my new LOGO and I have a nice branding board to work with but what is truly lacking in this package is the follow up and the education piece. What really excited me about Kim's package is that she is a farmer teaching another farmer and she is teaching the motions of setting up systems with tools to stay organized and focused.


single payment
*all prices in USD

  • A 6 week Online Course on Branding Your Farm for Success 

  • Video Lessons with Replays Available supported by checklists & worksheets

  • Live Q&A Sessions Weekly

  • 24/7 access to a members only discussion forum

  • BONUS - video interviews with a graphic designer & a web designer

  • BONUS - Our 4 Steps to Profitable Shepherding Training Videos yours to keep!

  • UPFRONT BONUS: 30 Minute Private Coaching Call with Kim (only offered to first 10 Profitable Shepherding training participants to sign up.)
  • FAST ACTING BONUS: Registering before January 19th? Website Evaluation of your farm website with Kim (first 5 people to sign up)

/2 equal monthly payments $250
*all prices in USD

  • A 6 week Online Course on Branding Your Farm for Success

  • Video Lessons with Replays Available supported by checklists & worksheets

  • LIVE Q&A Sessions Weekly

  • 24/7 access to a members only discussion forum

  • BONUS video interviews with a graphic designer & a web designer

  • BONUS - Our 4 Steps to Profitable Shepherding Training Videos yours to keep!

  • FAST ACTING BONUS: Registering before January 19th? Website Evaluation of your farm website with Kim (first 5 people to sign up)

Becoming a Profitable Farm Just Got Easier

Here's how I will help you get there:

This lesson breaks down the mystery of brand identity into terms that you can understand.

In this module, we will hone in on what is important to you, what you are passionate about. We will begin to
dive into the core values. goals, and visions that are your driving force. It is these values and visions that set you apart from all other farms, giving you a clear identity and story your customers can connect with so they become your loyal following. 

First impressions are made in a blink of an eye and can have lasting effects on your farm business. In this module, we will build on the values and mission you identified in Module one.  You will learn how to put your best foot forward, and show what you stand for so customers come back for more.

Often, we do not put enough emphasis on our customer base. In this module, I will walk you through steps to identifying who your customers are that will connect with your brand. Now that you have developed a distinct vision and image, together we will look closely at how to position your farm business in your customers' hearts so that they will become loyal repeat customers.  

Because YOU asked for it, I have added an entire module on marketing. Together we will do some market research and I will teach you how to write and implement a marketing plan to get your farm noticed,

This final step in branding your farm begins with a clear and simple logo design that can be carried throughout all of your communications. In this bonus module, you will learn the importance of a consistent visual image and the different components that will develop the image and vision you want to portray to your customers. In this module, we gain wisdom and insight from experts who primarily work with farm businesses, helping them to establish their brand image. You will learn:

  • Common logo mistakes.
  • How to choose a graphic designer or web developer.
  • Common website mistakes.
  • What information needs to go on your farm website to effectively communicate your image and vision. 

I know that sometimes you just want to talk, one on one. I am offering a free consultation session with each of my students. We will schedule our time as soon as you feel you are ready to ask questions and get feedback. 

This bonus is only being offered to individuals who have participated in my 4 Steps to Profitable Shepherding training series.

I am giving you this one-time offer of a free website evaluation. I will evaluate your website and provide you with feedback as to where I feel you can make improvements. I will look at from several standpoints:

  • user friendly
  • photography
  • content/messaging
  • organization



NEW - Marketing Module

Marketing Made Simple

Because YOU asked for it, I have added an entirely new module to my course. In this module, Marketing Made Simple, together we will do some marketing research and write out your own marketing plan to get your farm noticed.

Fast-Acting Bonuses Ending...









Hey! I'm Kim Goodling.

I am one of those crazy sheep people and 
I love sharing my passion
 of everything sheep and wool with others! 
I teach other farmers who want to embrace the shepherding lifestyle. 
I support
them in their journey living with sheep, so that they have the information they need when problems and questions arise. 
I leave them feeling confident and empowered to make informed decisions.

Country Girl

As a child, I lived in the mountains where my family had a homestead. I grew up surrounded by kitties, dogs, horses, and even the neighbor's cows. 
My dad taught me that the inside of a horse's ears are soft to the touch, and that a hard days work is the best kind of day. 
My mom taught me the value of snuggling kittens & of growing your own food & being self sufficient.
I ran barefoot through the garden, and breathed deep of the fresh air. When I grew up, I missed the starlit nights and the mountain air.
My husband and I moved to Vermont from the Washington D.C. area and when we did....

It felt like coming home again. 

Here we raised our own family, homeschooled our 3 children, started a homestead & small BnB, and began our journey raising sheep.

If you're not sure how much longer you can go in the hole raising sheep,

then it is time to proactively set the course for your farm business and just say,


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