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Shepherd Mentoring is a gathering place for shepherds. It is a place to learn, ask questions, rest, and be encouraged without fear of being judged or criticized.

Enrollment is OPEN

Fall enrollment is open for a limited time.

Shepherd Mentoring offers two payment options: one time annual payment or monthly payment.

Click here to sign up for the monthly payment plan. Click here to sign up for the annual payment plan.

If you are a shepherd, then you probably already know some of the challenges of raising sheep, such as...

  1. problem solving when new issues arise in your flock
  2. finding resources to help  you when you have questions
  3. having to learn on the job all by yourself
  4. lacking the skills or knowledge needed to deal with a particular issue.

Are you tired of having start every Facebook post with, "Please don't criticize me. I'm new to owning sheep,"?

Do you want a supportive safe place to ask shepherding questions and to learn?

When you join Shepherd Mentoring not only do you get a mentor to guide and teach you about raising sheep, but you also get a
farm business coach.


I would love to work with you,

shepherd to shepherd.

 In the Shepherd Mentoring Program you can expect:

Shepherds Who Have Worked with Me

We really enjoyed our time with you and your husband (during a private on-farm workshop). We appreciated you sharing your experience with us, as well as your wisdom about life. So many exciting possibilities to pray and think about for the future of our farm. One of my biggest encouragements was you two are doing it. Like you said, not a staff or large team, but the two of you. That gives me hope that it is possible!


I just want you to know how much you have helped me with answering my questions and the amazing blog posts you write. You can eloquently explain things and they seem to come at the right time.

I have been in the mentoring program since Kim started it. As somebody who does not have enough time to do everything it is an irreplaceable source of already researched information and it grows all the time and covers many subjects pertaining to shepherding and the bigger picture. It is also a place where I find like minded shepherds to talk with. 

Do you want a place where you can be a part of a supportive shepherding community?

Keep reading for how I can help you!

Being a shepherd just got easier!

Here's how I will help you in my mentoring program:

Our private discussion forum is a place where you can connect and network with other shepherds away from the distractions of Facebook. Here you can:

  • share your shepherding wins
  • ask for feedback on an issue
  • receive and give encouragement
  • get to know other sheep people

all without the fear of what others may think of your questions.


The Shepherd's Path identifies three main stages of a shepherding journey, Newbie, Novice, and Master. Each stage has its own set of milestones and action steps. The first thing I do when you enter in the program is to help you identify where you are on this path and get the right resources into your hands.

You will have access to mini-courses, tutorials, and resources to help you along each stage so that you progress in your journey raising sheep.

Our Monthly Challenge offers a topic of interest to delve into with the encouragement of others. Often we are so busy caring for our sheep that we don't take time to do some research or gathering resources we need on hand. These challenges spur you on to become the best shepherd you can possibly be!

Each month, I will release a new Shepherd's Calendar which will help you stay organized with flock management. 

Pulling from 15 years of raising sheep, I have developed a Shepherd's Library full of all kinds of resources for you. You will find:

  • ebooks
  • calendars
  • resource lists
  • downloadables
  • links to outside resources
  • and much more. 

The Shepherd's Vault houses various training series that I have done on profitable shepherding and caring for sheep. It is a video resource library that grows each year.

Enrollment is OPEN

Fall enrollment is open for a limited time.

Click here to sign up for the monthly payment plan. Click here to sign up for the annual payment plan.

Hey! I'm Kim Goodling.

I am one of those crazy sheep people and 
I love sharing my passion of everything sheep and wool with others! 
I teach other farmers who want to embrace the shepherding lifestyle. 
I support
them in their journey living with sheep, so that they have the information they need when problems and questions arise. 
I leave them feeling confident and empowered to make informed decisions.


My husband and I left our city jobs of
teaching and engineering to come to Vermont to be a part of agricultural life. We wanted to start a homestead, start a family, and experience rural living.

Fast forward 30 years, and we have:

raised and educated our three children,

learned how to raise our own food and live off the land,

started our own small bed and breakfast, and 

restored and rejuvenated a 19th century farm where we have run a successful sheep farm for 15 years.

Through the years, I have educated not just my own children, but have run on farm workshops, spoken at conferences, presented at festivals, and have kept an extensive blog on raising sheep. 

I look forward to working with you 
shepherd to shepherd.


If you're not sure you want to do this shepherding thing alone,

then it is time for you to join my mentoring program so I can support you, regardless of where you are on your shepherding journey.


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